Saturday, January 7, 2012

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I am excited to offer these services to you. I am very passionate about being a hair stylist and connecting with my guests to achieve the best hair cut, hair color and hairstyle to compliment lifestyle, hair texture, skin tone, face shape and eye color.
I believe that with a quality hair cut and hair color, product, and tools that styling the hair should be simple.
You just need a few easy tips from me.

All guests that visit Black Keys Salon will receive two of the following: Stress-Relieving Scalp & Shoulder Massage,
Stress-Relieving Hand Massage, Hot Towel Facial, or a Finishing Touch Makeup Application.

In my 12 years of experience I have always prided myself on continuing my education. I also love to teach. I am very lucky to have a bright young apprentice. He’s been able to assist me in fashion shows, photo shoots, and on-location wedding parties.
Come visit me at my new location and expect to receive a truly exceptional experience with
supreme product performance in a professional environment.


Hair Design

Consultations Complimentary
Childrens cut 30
Shampoo blowdry 20
Haircut & Simple Styling 55
Men’s Haircut 45
(includes Hot Towel Neck Shave)
Bang/Beard Trim Complimentary
Specialty/Bridal Styling 95
Add-on Thermal Styling 15

Hair Color

Glossing 65+
(semi-permanent color adds shine and conditions the hair)
Add-on Glossing 30+
(glossing added to another color)
New Growth 65+
(solid color root touch up)
All Over Color 85+
(solid color from roots to ends)
Face Framing Highlights 65+
(up to 15 foils)
Partial Foil 90+
Full Foil 110+
Partial Foil with New Growth App 130+
Full Foil with New Growth App 150+
Color cleanse 25+
Extra Application of Hair Color 10

Color Correction
by consultation only

Hair Therapy Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment add-on 25
(stress relieving ritual, shampoo ritual,
hand ritual)
Scalp Therapy Treatment add-on 25
(scalp brushings, scalp manipulations with organic essential oils, shampoo ritual)

Hair Extensions
18" Tape-In's $600, 18" Strand-by-Strand Application $700, 22" Strand-by-Strand Application $800, 16" Clip-In Hair Extensions $150, 18-24" Custom Clip-In Hair Extensions +$200

Bright Eyes

Makeup Application 20
Brow wax 18
Lip wax 15
Brow color 10
Lash color 15

Hair Color Specialist (Hair color has always been a passion of mine. I love how hair color can enhance a person’s skin tone and eye color. I have attended many color trainings over the years and have been a hair color theory and technique educator. I pride myself on only using the highest quality hair color product available.)

Bridal Hair and Makeup Specialist (I have always loved and had a talent for Up-Styling. My love of doing this has lead me to receive many opportunities for Bridal Hair & Makeup, Special Occasion Styles, and editorial work.)

Hair Extension Specialist (Hair extensions have always been something I have offered and enjoyed to do. I have experience with all hair extension applications. Different hair textures require different application styles. Set up a consultation and I will answer any and all questions you may have.)

Image Studios carries only the highest quality in hair care and makeup. I am proud to be able to offer such fine hair care to my guests.
Davines – A sustainable beauty product and color line with organic essential oils that has real performance and environmental responsibility
Bumble & Bumble – One of the leads in the industry for product performance and cutting edge education.
Arrojjo – A select hair care line only carried in 77 locations around the country, has amazing performance at a reasonable price
Jane Iredale – The original in mineral makeup, is known as the ‘skin care’ makeup due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties.


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