Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Becoming my own boss and starting at Image Studios in November of 2011 has been the best decision of my career! I needed a professional environment for my guests to visit while being able to move forward in my career. I've worked with many business owners over the years and Jason Olsen of Image Studios has proven himself to be beyond professional, honorable and fair. He has offered many business building tools for me to grow as a salon owner. I'm excited to see what the next few years have to offer! Come see me at Studio 102 in Image Studios of Salt Lake City! You can book your appointment at www.mandiblack.com. I can't wait to see you in my chair!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


BLACK KEYS SALON inside Image Studios (801)694-1623 1850 South 300 West, Suite 102 Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 mandi.jo.black@gmail.com www.schedulicity.com

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bridal Hair and Makeup Specialist

I have always loved to do Specialty Styles ever since beauty school. Because I have always loved and had a talent for Bridal Hair and Makeup, I have always attracted many opportunities for On-Location Weddings, Editorial Photoshoots, and Fashion Shows.

Let me use my years of experience and talent to prepare you for your next event!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Service Menu

I am excited to offer these services to you. I am very passionate about being a hair stylist and connecting with my guests to achieve the best hair cut, hair color and hairstyle to compliment lifestyle, hair texture, skin tone, face shape and eye color.
I believe that with a quality hair cut and hair color, product, and tools that styling the hair should be simple.
You just need a few easy tips from me.

All guests that visit Black Keys Salon will receive two of the following: Stress-Relieving Scalp & Shoulder Massage,
Stress-Relieving Hand Massage, Hot Towel Facial, or a Finishing Touch Makeup Application.

In my 12 years of experience I have always prided myself on continuing my education. I also love to teach. I am very lucky to have a bright young apprentice. He’s been able to assist me in fashion shows, photo shoots, and on-location wedding parties.
Come visit me at my new location and expect to receive a truly exceptional experience with
supreme product performance in a professional environment.


Hair Design

Consultations Complimentary
Childrens cut 30
Shampoo blowdry 20
Haircut & Simple Styling 55
Men’s Haircut 45
(includes Hot Towel Neck Shave)
Bang/Beard Trim Complimentary
Specialty/Bridal Styling 95
Add-on Thermal Styling 15

Hair Color

Glossing 65+
(semi-permanent color adds shine and conditions the hair)
Add-on Glossing 30+
(glossing added to another color)
New Growth 65+
(solid color root touch up)
All Over Color 85+
(solid color from roots to ends)
Face Framing Highlights 65+
(up to 15 foils)
Partial Foil 90+
Full Foil 110+
Partial Foil with New Growth App 130+
Full Foil with New Growth App 150+
Color cleanse 25+
Extra Application of Hair Color 10

Color Correction
by consultation only

Hair Therapy Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment add-on 25
(stress relieving ritual, shampoo ritual,
hand ritual)
Scalp Therapy Treatment add-on 25
(scalp brushings, scalp manipulations with organic essential oils, shampoo ritual)

Hair Extensions
18" Tape-In's $600, 18" Strand-by-Strand Application $700, 22" Strand-by-Strand Application $800, 16" Clip-In Hair Extensions $150, 18-24" Custom Clip-In Hair Extensions +$200

Bright Eyes

Makeup Application 20
Brow wax 18
Lip wax 15
Brow color 10
Lash color 15

Hair Color Specialist (Hair color has always been a passion of mine. I love how hair color can enhance a person’s skin tone and eye color. I have attended many color trainings over the years and have been a hair color theory and technique educator. I pride myself on only using the highest quality hair color product available.)

Bridal Hair and Makeup Specialist (I have always loved and had a talent for Up-Styling. My love of doing this has lead me to receive many opportunities for Bridal Hair & Makeup, Special Occasion Styles, and editorial work.)

Hair Extension Specialist (Hair extensions have always been something I have offered and enjoyed to do. I have experience with all hair extension applications. Different hair textures require different application styles. Set up a consultation and I will answer any and all questions you may have.)

Image Studios carries only the highest quality in hair care and makeup. I am proud to be able to offer such fine hair care to my guests.
Davines – A sustainable beauty product and color line with organic essential oils that has real performance and environmental responsibility
Bumble & Bumble – One of the leads in the industry for product performance and cutting edge education.
Arrojjo – A select hair care line only carried in 77 locations around the country, has amazing performance at a reasonable price
Jane Iredale – The original in mineral makeup, is known as the ‘skin care’ makeup due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Black Keys Salon

The shining example of my career, Matthew Landis, has been helping to create small successful local businesses. Recently he has helped create a beautiful professional space to bring together a collection of Salt Lake City’s most talented hair professionals.

I am proud to announce the opening of Black Keys Salon at Image Studios. Jared Keys and I have teamed up to create a professional and comfortable environment. Together we chose to join the team at Image Studios to give ourselves creativity, freedom, and success. We are conveniently located at 1850 south and 300 west, suite 102.

Image Studios carries only the highest quality in hair care and makeup. I am proud to be able to offer such fine hair care and hair color to my guests. Some of which include:

Kuene – The 3rd best selling hair color in the world and one of the leads in the industry for product performance and cutting edge education.

Jane Iredale – The original in mineral makeup, is known as the ‘skin care’ makeup due to its nourishing and anti-aging properties.

After my 12 years of experience and 9 years with Aveda, I am very excited to step out of the box and grow as a creative professional while still maintaining my passion for overall wellness.

Come visit me at my new location and expect to receive a truly exceptional experience with supreme product performance in a professional environment. I look forward to serving your future hair care needs; call, email, or text to schedule your next appointment.

Mandi Black, Master Stylist
Black Keys Salon
at Image Studios

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ballet West Fashion Show

The Ballet West Fashion Show was a collaboration with Farasha Boutique and Landis Lifestyle Salon. It showcased fashion, worn by the ballet dancers themselves, and art. The atmosphere was incredible with the runway flanked by two jets, all inside the Million Air Jet Hanger. Art pieces of ballet slippers were scattered for contemplation. Music and lighting creating a elegant and sophisticated ambiance.

The hair and makeup was very chic; the hair big and soft, makeup clean yet bold. I am so lucky to work for a salon that offers me such fun and exciting opportunities to utilize my talents. The entire design team created a positive vibration that lasted all night. We were told by one of the attendee's that we all "sparkled".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

THIRST Fashion Show at AVEDA Institute Provo

THIRST was a fashion show put on by the AVEDA Institute in Provo, UT to raise awareness for Aveda's Earth Month initiative. Landis was asked to participate with a small presentation to prelude the main event put together by the students. Landis Lifestlye Salon, Azalea Day Spa, and Remedez Day Spa were eached asked to participate to introduce the students to our salons.

I was asked to head up our portion of the program, which I gladly accepted. I LOVE when I get the opportunity to do hair and makeup for different events.

I asked each stylist to create a hairstyle based on what was inspiring them for this 2011 spring season. The result was a modern twist on the classic wave. Our five models either wore shades of white or a solid bold color, looks which are in line with this spring seasons fashion trends. Makeup consisted of a full face of shades of nude, but in contrast one model wore a bold red lip and one model wore a bold coral eye.

Kim's styled her model with short blonde fingerwaves enhanced with blue eyeshadow at her newgrowth. It complimented the models skin tone and coral eye very well. What a fun look!

Shawn styled his model, who had amazingly beautiful long naturally red hair, by keeping her hair smooth and staight while putting waves in the midstrand of the hair, creating this amazing look that resembled waves in water.

I styled my model, who wore a blonde bob, very smooth with one fingerwave in the midstrand circling her head. A really sexy look!

Thanks to the whole design team! Our small presentation was such a success, we showcased real, beautiful hair.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nicole's Winter Wedding

Nicole's wedding took place at Sundance with the beuatiful mountains as her backdrop. It was a brisk morning with clear blue skies, bright white snow and deeply colored evergreens. I was able to be apart of it by doing her hair and makeup for both her reception and ceremony. We decided to change her look for the two events; for the reception her hair was left down but styled to have a very romantic feel and for the ceremony we pulled it up in a simple and elegant style for a more formal feel. I think she looked really amazing.