Thursday, April 7, 2011

THIRST Fashion Show at AVEDA Institute Provo

THIRST was a fashion show put on by the AVEDA Institute in Provo, UT to raise awareness for Aveda's Earth Month initiative. Landis was asked to participate with a small presentation to prelude the main event put together by the students. Landis Lifestlye Salon, Azalea Day Spa, and Remedez Day Spa were eached asked to participate to introduce the students to our salons.

I was asked to head up our portion of the program, which I gladly accepted. I LOVE when I get the opportunity to do hair and makeup for different events.

I asked each stylist to create a hairstyle based on what was inspiring them for this 2011 spring season. The result was a modern twist on the classic wave. Our five models either wore shades of white or a solid bold color, looks which are in line with this spring seasons fashion trends. Makeup consisted of a full face of shades of nude, but in contrast one model wore a bold red lip and one model wore a bold coral eye.

Kim's styled her model with short blonde fingerwaves enhanced with blue eyeshadow at her newgrowth. It complimented the models skin tone and coral eye very well. What a fun look!

Shawn styled his model, who had amazingly beautiful long naturally red hair, by keeping her hair smooth and staight while putting waves in the midstrand of the hair, creating this amazing look that resembled waves in water.

I styled my model, who wore a blonde bob, very smooth with one fingerwave in the midstrand circling her head. A really sexy look!

Thanks to the whole design team! Our small presentation was such a success, we showcased real, beautiful hair.